Breeding of

Alpetra Nature Reserve

In the tradition of what we learned from our founder Mr. Alan Fourie Snr. we believe that wild animals should be treated as such. That is why at Alpetra we do not keep our animals in small camps. Our goal is to breed hardened animals that can fend for themselves when faced with challenges such as predators and drought.

When we selected our top breeding animals, we took special care to ensure that we matched animals that were as far related as possible, thereby widening our genetic pool to ensure that we only breed healthy animals. It might sound strange in today’s volatile market, but at Alpetra we aimed at producing healthy, fertile and big-bodied animals, instead of chasing only horn length or things like colouring or bloodline.

We strive to increase the average quality of all our animals through a variety of methods that at its core comes down to only allowing the best animals to breed i.e. almost the same as in nature that dictates the survival of the fittest. Every method is given equal opportunity. We have herds where we select our best male animals and pair them with our best female animals. We have herds where we leave our top male animals to contend for dominancy and then we have herds where even our runts
get a chance to fight it out and get a chance to write their own destiny.

At Alpetra, no animals are overlooked or written off just because they don’t look the part. We love all our animals equally and we believe that all of God’s creation should be loved and respected.